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10%Club selection (close to funded...jotting notes here so I can revisit when it is off PCP website)
Peace Corps Volunteer Project #14-538-002
Volunteer Coordinator: Jones C. of AZ
Community Contribution:$1063.12 (53% of total budget)
Original Request:$906.36
Funds Still Needed: $240
The Local Library project is being conducted for the sole purpose of uplifting and providing a modern space for the creative youth to learn in the community. We seek to do this, by bringing the youth and community together in a contributive effort to remodel the local library. Fifteen volunteers will participate in the remodel and painting of the library itself. We want to encourage the youth to design artwork and paint the space, in order to create a welcoming and safe space for the others to learn. The plan also calls for a new computer for the library, which will be a great new resource for the community to take advantage of. This project will bring a resource of knowledge and ideas into the Kalinago Territory and help encourage the youth. Most importantly, the remodel will raise awareness and address issues surrounding youth and poor literacy rates in the area. Among the various communities in the Territory, this village has an alarming number of youth who struggle with reading and writing skills. This remodel will create and provide a new environment and energy towards improving young people¿s minds. Members of the community will contribute their time and knowledge to assist the youth in training on how to use the library and the computer. After the completion of the remodel, we expect an increase of inspired youth and community members. The remodel will tackle problems with literacy in this area and in turn will reenergize education as a whole in the community.
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Heavy-hearted with disappointment.
It's a gauge of where we stand collectively....and well, I guess I had hoped for more.
I had been waiting for some evidence that we were getting better, that we were ready and willing to change things.
But more than half of America thinks things are going fine, that Bush is doing a swell job, and doing what 'needs' to be done. War in Iraq? Sure. Good stuff. Gotta have it.
Love and commitment between people of the same sex? No way! Bad stuff.and on and on.
ok then. Have it another 4 years.
I'll have to be more patient. (argh)
Evolution takes time. I thought the last four years had some good catalysts in there...but then again there was the whole backsliding fear/territory/patriotism response to 9/11. The animal is still biting at strangers in pain. Give it time.
At least half of its brain has developed a conscience. At least half of its brain is trying to stop it from continuing on a rampage. Not quite enough, but maybe one day it will be.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to focus on nurturing the part of America's behavior I do agree with, the Peace Corps. It's my way of voting for peace. For Bucky's dream. Bucky for President,dammit.Sent another 10% donation to Peace Corps Project 675-105: Mambiya Community Library in Guinea
Today more than ever I needed to feel I was making a positive difference, moving forward with a group of compassionate humans instead of backward. This helped.

Have fun with the WarGames, America.Always remember, only You should have a horde of weapons of mass destruction (even though you were the only one to abuse them already). Always remember that the life of your loved one is more important than the lives of someone else's loved ones. And of course that your God is different and better than other people's god.
and maybe one day, I don't know... when you're bored maybe, you could give some thought to how we might do it differently in the future. You know, so we're not still the laughing stock of the galaxy.

“Think of it. We are blessed with technology that would be indescribable to our forefathers. We have the wherewithal, the know-it-all to feed everybody, clothe everybody, and give every human on Earth a chance. We know now what we could never have known before-that we now have the option for all humanity to "make it" successfully on this planet in this lifetime. Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will b a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment.”
- Buckminster Fuller
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I've been on fast-forward....for a bit too long now. Was Bound to crash a bit with things unprocessed. And so I did.
Therapeutic methinks......long venting ramblings in my bookjournal...stolen me-time on the couch with pillows and coffee and thoughts. Frustrations, confusions and fears excorcised through tears...and then quiet. Blessed quiet. The view of trees through the window. The hum of the fridge. The longing to stay in that space...to swim in the well..
I asked for more guidance, a wittle bit of godhug for baby.Guiltily because I feel I've been spoiled with lots of glimpses and blessings, and yet still I constantly lose my bearings.
Nevertheless, like a charm, THIS treat was waiting in the mailbox:

A letter from one of the peace corps volunteers in Togo for a project I had supported a while back with my paycheck and art sales 10% donations.Already feeling a smile spread inside my chest, I walked back to the house holding it against me.
A handPAINTED card. signed in pen. Handwritten letter.

And a photo that I gaze and gaze and gaze at...of the villagers in front of their library.

Gentle reminders...a glimpse of a some larger picture that I so want to reach across and hold and be. A reminder that these small hopeful gestures translate into something real. The faces in that photograph, real people, real eyes, real smiles, alive now....on earth...and a little transparent thread going out across the ocean...from me to them...?
Maybe I can't explain it, but I live for it. It's a feeling...beyond words.

10% Club

Oct. 18th, 2004 10:37 pm
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Got paycheck.yay, finally. Reading through the current Peace Corps volunteer projects, I decided on this project for my 10% donation:

Library Book Project - Zrnovci / Macedonia
Project Number

The "Todor Arsov" primary school located in the Muncipality of Zrnovci along with schools in Morodvis and Vidovishte teach a total of 309 local children. Until recently, the school library in the village of Zrnovci was located in a small dark room and it had a very limited selection of outdated books. Within the past year, the director has moved the library to a larger, more appopriate room where furniture (shelves, tables, and chairs) has been provided to allow the students space to study. Secure space for library books has also been arranged for the schools in Morodvis and Vidovishte. None of the schools has adequate funding to purchase the required books for the school libraries. Therefore, beginning in July 2004 a local fundraising campaign was implemented in order to raise money for the purchase of the necessary library books. Through small donations (averaging 50 cents) by local citizens, the community has managed to raise $161. Partnership funds are needed to reach the fundraising goal of $631 which will purchase 2 complete sets of books for each of the three schools.
Contribute to this project?
Any bit helps.:)
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It's that time again: Got my paycheck, so 10% of it to donate to something I believe in. :)

You know, being able to donate something every two weeks is really nice! Before I was just waiting for art sales..so I'd have to go months without donating, but now it feels so much more continuous....and it helps me appreciate working when I'd rather not. Working for me AND my (world) family.;)
Checking on the Phillipines project, I was happy to see that it's already been funded!:)! Thanks to anyone who donated!
So on we go to the next meaningful project, and this is where my 10% just went, please join me in donating any amount at all? Again, this one only has $430 left to go! Maybe we can get this project rolling superquick?

Volunteer Project #617-011: School Renovation in Uganda

"Palissa District is one of the most impoverished in Uganda. Most of the community have little or no income and depend on farming for their subsistence. Many children are undernourished and do not receive any lunch during school days.

The families in the region realize the importance of education for improvement of living conditions. While initial construction has been undertaken on schools, many classrooms have no doors, no windows, dirt floors and have never been painted. During the rainy season children huddle to the middle of the crowded classrooms to avoid being drenched. One classroom has no roof. Writing on the uneven ground makes penmanship and cleanliness impossible to include in the curriculum. An administrative block for book storage and learning aids is also needed.

The community hopes that this renovation project will help them attain a proper educationl environment. They will be contributing skilled and unskilled labor, transportation of building materials, and local building supplies, providing thirty percent of the support for the renovation."

Contribute to this project?
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With Sheouba School Construction fully funded,:), I've changed the donation link on my user info page to point to another great PC volunteer project: Phillipines:Uplifting Education Through Computer Literacy
"If successful, the project will bring a total of 12 computer units, and six printers to the beneficiary elementary schools within six remote Benguet communities.. Additionally, one teacher from each school will receive basic computer training and serve as the community's "echo-trainer" and hardware custodian. Local organizations have agreed to support this project through discounted equipment sales and donated computer training. Partnership funds are needed to purchase 12 computers, 6 printers and other related equipment."

Please help support through an online donation of Any amount. Only $436 to go!
100% of your donation goes to the project, no administration fees.

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