Jul. 8th, 2014

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10%Club selection (close to funded...jotting notes here so I can revisit when it is off PCP website)
Peace Corps Volunteer Project #14-538-002
Volunteer Coordinator: Jones C. of AZ
Community Contribution:$1063.12 (53% of total budget)
Original Request:$906.36
Funds Still Needed: $240
The Local Library project is being conducted for the sole purpose of uplifting and providing a modern space for the creative youth to learn in the community. We seek to do this, by bringing the youth and community together in a contributive effort to remodel the local library. Fifteen volunteers will participate in the remodel and painting of the library itself. We want to encourage the youth to design artwork and paint the space, in order to create a welcoming and safe space for the others to learn. The plan also calls for a new computer for the library, which will be a great new resource for the community to take advantage of. This project will bring a resource of knowledge and ideas into the Kalinago Territory and help encourage the youth. Most importantly, the remodel will raise awareness and address issues surrounding youth and poor literacy rates in the area. Among the various communities in the Territory, this village has an alarming number of youth who struggle with reading and writing skills. This remodel will create and provide a new environment and energy towards improving young people┬┐s minds. Members of the community will contribute their time and knowledge to assist the youth in training on how to use the library and the computer. After the completion of the remodel, we expect an increase of inspired youth and community members. The remodel will tackle problems with literacy in this area and in turn will reenergize education as a whole in the community.

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