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Sewing Stories and Messages
Good article on more secret history of arpilleras
Arpilleras: A Chapter of History Written in Cloth


Sep. 23rd, 2007 10:59 am
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In the studio: Book of Hope Page 7 is allllmost finished. I've been putting layers of sand in paint on it...trying to decide on edges...and coloring and recoloring the nails. 3 more 12" cicle pieces in the works...more on collaborators and growthpods.

In the craftroom (aka err ok the kitchen table right now): fabric scraps and squares and strips...falling into a world of subtle textures...just playing around with ragamuffin sewing....my nail weaves out of fabric;)
But also dreaming of textiles...designing in my sketchbook, envisioning rags and repetitions...fabric rolls and dresses and pillows ohmy. CoopaCraft visions and brainstorms.

In the cyberworld: writing and colab-writing new posts for CraftCycle.net blog with my friend Lars. Check it out!

Enjoying Razoo.com community immensely. Meeting some amazingly inspiring folks who work with the kids at La Chureca in Nicaragua.

Buying my mom a birthday gift at the local Fair Trade store (World Village Market) and ending up getting a bunch of other wonderful things AND having a loooong and awesome conversation with the volunteer there. Oh the dreams...will it happen? I'll have to take some pics of what I got.so beautiful and inspiring!Agh if I could only work there instead of where I do...

Bike ride with hubby to the bay for an overdue and promised swim. Floating again....just the best ever feeling.

Hadn't been to the dentist in almost 3 years...dreaded it as I always do...and guess what ma? NO CAVITIES! :)!woohoo!

Ok off to buy some drillbits for hubby and prepare for craftyclubhouse!
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yikes,I did it. Following what I took to be some serendipitious signs and nudges from the universe...
I've finally invested in a sewing machine of my own.

I'd been searching online for sewing classes in the area and found none. My 'secret' projects still laying in a box at home...waiting and being put off..again and again...Daily I dream of Missycakeland and CoopaCraft...of the sewing cooperatives around the world...of designs for products, etc.

Then recently, after dropping off an artwork read more )

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