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Last days to view the 4person show up at Praxis Chelsea!:
praxis do you see the picture
I have recent small and medium works from my Prayers and Weaves series on view. Please go by to see/touch them in person. So many wishes and intentions for our evolving world.:)
Praxis Chelsea
451 West 25th St. between 10th and 11th Ave, NYC
Hours 10-6 Tues-Sat through Oct 25th
More about the show on Artsy.com : https://artsy.net/post/editorial-praxis-asks-do-you-see-the-picture
Out of area collectors may view a selection on 1st Dibs: https://www.1stdibs.com/creators/darlene-charneco-united-states/art/
As usual 10% of my income from sales of artworks is donated to support the important work of this wishlist of global charities: http://avad.livejournal.com/272942.html Thank you so much for helping make these positive ripples grow. -Darlene
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Notes from the month....journal snippets and memories....

initial install @Tribeca w/Beth, Perry, Tapp, Jeff, Matt, etc

work on Prayers Long (2pieces)...painting and 'lighting'...coloring the nails each day....

install Prayers Long (through darkness and rising)with Brent @ night Tribeca
drink and apps at Sazon Puerto Rican Cuisine- delish!- chewing on sugarcane in drink (Mojito Sazon)quesadillas de ropa vieja, and brent's delicious soup with pieces of pasteles-tasting...ahhh my senses and memories ignited. love feeling, music, decor. hot pink, orange, black.read more )
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Prayers (stone, small 12inch)

slowly working on many hammered nail pieces....small ones, one foot, two foot weaves, a round weave in progress now...waking and going to hammer before work....for the coming together/working together of humanity... ( hammered nail pieces series )


May. 11th, 2004 04:09 pm
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Just a few more days work and the hammmering part of Puja/Prayers will be done.
Mixed feelings as usual, part of me longing for completion, part of me sad that I won't be working on it everyday anymore, as it's become such a soothing part of my days. But I will make others, and my 'training' is far from over. Still it is difficult to concentrate. To harness my thoughts and work with them. To make a 'sound' with the best of me and send it out.


Mar. 8th, 2004 09:58 pm
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So here's a snap of the kitchen table as taken over by me.
No, we don't get to eat at it anymore...;)Maybe I'll move somewhere else next week but this is soooo perfect for now.
Just to work on some more of the small pieces for Scope and do all my computer stuff...
Tonight I'll work with the paint markers again on layer 2 of four pieces.Hopefully I'll be able to pour resin again tomorrow.

And then the large Puja piece in progress on the floor....slowly but surely I'll fill that all up with hammered prayers. One or two lines a day. Then they will be carefully painted...similar to an Indian temple...red background...multicolored nails...mmmmm:)
Hopefully I'll sell a few pieces this weekend so I can invest in materials. It's time to build.

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