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Darlene Charneco “CoHabitat”
Oct. 9 – Nov. 7, 2014
McCarthy Art Gallery- Saint Michael's College
Colchester, Vermont
Artist's Talk on Thurs.Oct 9th 4-5pm followed by reception.
From release/announcement: "Darlene Charneco’s layered mixed media models and tactile maps explore ways of seeing our human settlements, communication networks and communities through a biological lens and as part of a larger organism’s growth stage. Clusters of houses sharing or sequestering resources and shorelines are pondered as sustainability experiments within imaginary laboratory or field observations. With playful shifts in scale perception, she strives to surprise and re-orient herself and the viewer into contemplation of the various interactions and types of symbiosis (parasitic, predatory or mutually beneficial) that we are continually co-evolving with other species and the living surface systems around and below us."
This exhibition is generously funded by the The Marc and Dana vanderHeyden Endowment in Fine Arts and hosted by the Fine Arts Department at Saint Michael’s College
shown: 'Collaboration on Substrate'
24" tondo. resin and mixed media.


Feb. 7th, 2011 09:08 am
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using LJ as a temporary mindsorter.

my artworks are in these films
It Runs in the Family (2003,Michael Douglas): The Writing Ritual, Erotica
Heights (2004, Glenn Close, Merchant Ivory Productions): The Book of Questions
Wall Street 2 Money Never Sleeps (2010, Michael Douglas): Waking Sumer, Novus Corpus
Remember Me (2010,Robert Pattinson, Pierce Brosnan): Puja
Limitless (2011, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro): Islands of Common Interest, +grid
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detail of 'Epic Tale of an Idea'. new mixedmedia artwork on view as part of the Self-Assembling MemoryPalace show at Christina Ray Gallery in Soho.

Epic Tale of an Idea (detail)
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spotted in Zurich! The Map as Art by K.Harmon

Nathalie spotted 'my' book in Zurich! I've got to start poking around for it in bookstores. Now available. 'The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography by Katherine Harmon. keep an eye out! and maybe snap a pic if/where you spot it?- it was a treat that she sent me this from her travels.! thanks, Nathalie!

The Map As Art -book
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Growthland Shares (detail)



May 2 – June 7, 2009

Collaborative project by
until October 18, 2009

Reception for both: Saturday, May 2, 5-7 PM

@ art sites
651 West Main Street (Route 25), Riverhead, New York 11901 T: 631- 591-2401

Gallery Hours: Thursday –Sunday, 12-5 PM.


The idea of home usually evokes a sense of nostalgia and family, but both artists look with fond, humorous, and critical eyes at habitation.

Darlene Charneco’s mapping series looks at people, networks, homes, and communities as part of a larger organism's growth stage. Clusters of houses sharing or sequestering resources and shorelines are pondered as sustainability experiments within imaginary petri dishes. Ms. Charneco’s works take wonder in ‘where we are’ while exploring mnemonic and technological tools that allow us to grow our networks and broaden our sense of community. She imagines humanity’s overlapping experiences and shared interests creating new interactive maps of possibilities- hopeful that vital local and global challenges can be more collaboratively solved. A resident of Southampton, she has shown and lectured at numerous museums and galleries, including Morgan Lehman in Chelsea, the Katonah, Parrish, Hunterdon and Hecksher Museums. Her works will be featured in CARTOGRAPHY: Artists + Maps, by Katharine A Harmon, published by Princeton Architectural Press in Sept 2009.

Ted Victoria’s constructions are a constant delight, while tinged with a shadowed image. His moving images are physical, the assemblages of a home-grown inventor, but culled from pieces of the work-a-day world. While using simple actions derived from the camera obscura, the interior of his pieces are 3d mazes of bulbs, wires, lenses, debris and familiar items. The image first conveyed to the audience is often a mysteriously simple tableau, unexpectedly invigorated by movement and juxtapositions of scale and meaning. Titles such as The Magic Chair, or Watching TV on LSD, give a sense of the inner, imaginative world that the shell of home encompasses. Ted Victoria is a native son of Riverhead, where he filled the storefronts with images of swimming sea monkeys. As well as being a printmaker and photographer, he taught painting at Kean University for thirty-seven years. He shows with the Shroeder Romero Gallery in New York City and has a large installation, titled “Infestation” opening October 31 at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Connecticut.


YC3 an acronym for Yurt City 3, is the 3rd incarnation of a collaborative outdoor installation project to be installed this summer on the grounds at art sites. Co-ordinated by New York based Canadian artists Sheila Ross and Laura Ten Eyck, YC3, like earlier Yurt Cities, will consist of various prefabricated tents, yurts and handmade structures, in which guest artists will be invited to respond by adding artwork interventions to the structures.

The title and tent city aspect of YC3 are evocative of “Y2K” and a “back to the land” sensibility. YC3 also riffs on tent names - Eureka K 2 XT and Marmot Thor 3P3. For this installment of Yurt City, Ross and Ten Eyck have invited guest artists, Fletch, Todd Knopke, Jose Krapp, Ted McGurn, George Schmidt and Derrick Wilson to participate. As in previous installations, Ross’ colourfully embellished Yurt will serve as a meeting ground around which the other structures will be installed. Ten Eyck, in collaboration with guest artist Ted McGurn, is planning on erecting a trailhead that will serve as an appropriate point of entry into YC3, which will be dispersed across the 2-acre grounds of art sites.

Initially Yurt City was conceived in response to New York city’s current housing crisis of unaffordable rents and studio spaces. Both Yurt Cities were located in neighbourhoods currently undergoing a transformation of rampant development, displacing residents, including the local artist’s community. Yurt City is a response to this lack of space for artists to make and exhibit their work. Yurt City provides a venue for artists to participate, collaborate and foster a sense of community. The venue will serve as an outdoor laboratory for the development of temporary, ad hoc and vernacular architecture and adjunct forms in relationship to personal, practical and utopian notions of community and landscape. Yurt City also pays homage to the importance of the guest in Nomadic cultures, as the inclusion and participation of the guest artist is integral to the concept of this project.

Part camping experience, part tent city response to the urban housing issues, and part homage to Nomadic yurt dwellers of Central Asia, YC3 uses the architectural elements to reflect on different experiences of structure in the urban landscape. While indebted to the spirit of tent cities, or the shantytown phenomenon called Gecekondu, Turkish for “built in one night,” the structures of YC3, their modifications and additions will be built sturdily enough to remain for the several month duration of an exhibition. In keeping with the ad hoc spirit of the nomadic, temporary tent city or Gecekondu, YC3 will be transformative for viewers and guest artists alike.
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Going to Philly for the reception of the show at Pentimenti...we pick up my friend Verena on the way through Times Square (again I am incredulous at the masses and pace of NYC). Later stopping at a rest stop for Brent to make a conference call, Verena and I walk around exploring this strange inbetween space of development and nature. Just past the parking lot and buildings we looked out over a field covered in rows of sparkling flags...a small waterway of sorts in the grasses...a large piece of yellow broken machinery/pipe. 2 picnic tables. we walk and talk and I remember how easy it is to be with her. We talk about childhood nightmares, aliens, evolution, time....
Finally we continue the drive and arrive in Philadelphia. We stopped in to see the Damien Hirsts at the Wexler gallery on the way to Pentimenti. The 'print' of For the Love of God was pretty amazing...glittering perfectly in glazes and diamond dust. I have always and still find his work necessary commentary to our age whether viewing it in stand alone contemplation, or in its active role in the social flows of hype, haters and controversy. Also intriguing there were Adelaide Paul's fetish-y sewn sculptures of miniature greyhounds and Randall Sellers delicately drawn imaginary worlds.

On to Pentimenti, pleasantly surprised with Christine's hanging and spacing of the works-(lots of space!). Reception took place during First Fridays...which have the streets teeming with gallery-hopping folks. I grabbed a bit of wine (really, they just poured an inch to my disappointment) and mostly we just enjoyed anonymously watching people look at the works...
statement from the grouping:

The Immense Journey

Since childhood, Darlene Charneco’s endless curiosity about life’s mysteries fueled an obsession with reading, learning and looking. In the spirit of anthropologist Loren Eiseley’s book ‘The Immense Journey’ , this grouping of new works by Darlene Charneco is inspired by musings on the mysteries of evolution, time, nature and humanity’s possibly brief place in it all. With media such as household nails, acrylic, enamel, model/toy pieces, and multiple layers of resin the 3-dimensional artworks explore the intricate patterns and codes on all scales: from particles to visible matter to the galaxies of which we are such a small yet fascinating part.

"We pass thoughts around, from mind to mind, so compulsively and with such speed that the brains of mankind often appear, functionally, to be undergoing fusion........Or perhaps we are only at the beginning of learning to use the system, with almost all our evolution as a species still ahead of us. Maybe the thoughts we generate today and flick around from mind to mind...are the primitive precursors of more complicated, polymerized structures that will come later, analogous to the prokaryotic cells that drifted through shallow pools in the early days of biological evolution. Later, when the time is right, there may be fusion and symbiosis among the bits, and then we will see eukaryotic thought, metazoans of thought, huge interliving coral shoals of thought.” – Lewis Thomas, ‘The Lives of a Cell’

Pentimenti summer show 2008

'Self-Archiving MemoryGarden'
self-archiving memorygarden

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