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Sewing Stories and Messages
Good article on more secret history of arpilleras
Arpilleras: A Chapter of History Written in Cloth
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CraftyClubhouse 1/21/07
The mission is Modge-Podge.
The crew is set free with jars and bottles of all size,
all sorts of thin decorative tissue papers, tons of modge-podge glue and various odds and ends.

Polska and Verena choose button accents for their bottle collaborations...
CraftyClubhouse ModgePodgeMadness1
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East End CHU Crafty Clubhouse meetup this past Sunday Oct.8
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2 and a half day Visit from my sis, her husband and my niece and nephew.
I've missed the lil monsters Terribly. Lil John fell in love with the super sockdog I got B for his birthday from MeganLeeDesigns.com and he begged me to try to make one. Oh boy. gulp. Well, YOU try to say no to that face so we are rummaging through sock drawers and looking for buttons and we walk to the corner store for an emergency sewing kit...and over the a day and a half of diligent sewing and stuffing and is he done yets??? ...Frankenpuppy emerges.
I admit, I'd do just about anything these guys ask. "Aunt Nini....?" "um, ok."*melt*:

He's a lil rough around the edges but still pretty funnycute methinks.

Tara was all into making art in my studio too, we painted nailheads together and stuck them into foam blocks. Went to the bay with floatees and collected rocks, went to the tiny carnival that's in town (I went on a crazy ride with John that went upside down over and over and over lordhelpus) and went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the movies. Yep, it's just as horrible/scary as I remember and I still cringe when the girl expands into a huge blueberry. Twas the stuff of Nightmares as a child. And now Johnny Depp's fake teeth and creepy smile make it worse.

But oh how I loved their visit. *sigh*
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Ok, I'm falling way behind on updating here. And so much is going on.*sigh* Good stuff really, but so much.
But before I get into entries on all that, I think I must share with you something that is making me giggle every day now since I got it.
Introducing....Mr.Pinkie, my new cellphone cozy.

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