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Childhood birthday party: friends around the diningroom table of 22 Babcock..birthday cakes usually ice cream cakes..white with blue cursive gel writing... Music Joan Jett and Love is a Battlefield song...

Crafts...Seemed I always wanted to do some sort of craft with friends during my childhood birthday parties...and Dad helped me make prototypes and get materials...one year it was a seagull on wood posts thing with twine...another i remember only these twisty green wire with fake berries on it...not sure what it was part of?

Selling crafts...one year I became a bit obsessed with a small lavendar pompom ring with googly eyes and I decided I wanted to make these and other things (painted rocks perhaps?) and I would walk door to door in the neighborhood to try to sell some from a shoebox.

Babysitter: she sold Avon as well and I adored the catalogs. She had a few little tiny lipstick testers/samples and I asked how much these were and she said a penny each (I think just so I knew she would 'sell' me one. But thus launched my secret plan with determination: I would collect a piggybank Full (my bank was a yellow printed cardboard cylinder with plastic top) of pennies and buy hundreds and hundreds of lipstick samples and open my own store! When i had completed my savings mission I approached her and she broke my heart saying she only had a few of these..not hundreds.

I made my own peel-off nailpolish (a burnt orange-ish color) by mixing questionable ingredients found around the house. Kept in top small drawer to right of my desk. Also in that drawer was my soft beaded change-purse and my grey compact Invaders of the Mummy's tomb pocket game. Possibly also Rubiks Cubes of various shapes. The mini cube was my/our favorite and often came in my pocket on trips....but there was also a snake shape and an octagonal/cylindrical one..

had a collapsible cup full of colorful 'magic' fuzzy worms
Madlibs cracked me UP.

Loved word search puzzles. And invisible ink. and really Big coloring books. My lilac plastic cassette and radio boombox with the multicolored fabric strap (possibly handed down from my sister...but it became/was ALL MINE). Sniglets word-a-day peel off calendar. Big white Pachinko game. Pinball machine that was about 12"x 18"...why can't I remember the graphics- but we played it So much...lying on our stomachs on the variegated pink rug of my sister's room with her mirrored closet doors.

Coveted my sister's rainbow stretchy strap high(ish) wedge sandals with tan soft suede insole.

ChiChi bird- a babybird we found that we tried to 'rescue'. I was so excited to see it in the morning..and ran downstairs .and it was dead. I was devastated.

Hermit crabs from Puerto Rico smuggled over back to ny on the plane in an ice cream/sherbert plastic tub..(I'm sure I cried and begged). Not surprisingly, they died shortly after. :(! Harsh lesson learned.

Street badminton (outdoor game of choice). orange skateboard. jumping over the sprinklers in summer. chasing grasshoppers. overturning large stones or bricks to see what insects or worms might be underneath. Collecting acorns and making sand seasoned 'acorn mash' which would be 'served' in a frisbee plate. My 'pretend kitchen and house' was a little clearing in a small patch of woods next to house....someone had dumped a medium mound of cement..and I stored collected acorns,herbs,leaves and other findings in its nooks. there was a long log 'couch' and we would ask my father or the neighbor if we could have the grass clipping after they mowed lawn ..and then we sprinkled these all over the clearing for the softest 'carpet' for bare feet.
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childhood memories

what is a favorite comforting smell for you? something that soothes you whenever you smell it? perhaps all the way from childhood or not.

for example, the steam of cooked white rice really soothes me. whether it's my own or just opening the box from the chinese food place and the steam wafts out. I breathe it in intentionally....reminds me of home I guess.

comforting scents(collected from friends) )
please add yours!
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weird things happening attached to getting back in touch with Margie C from childhood.
responding to Facebook message...reminiscing about drawing exercises and my grandmother Mita's house...saying how I dream there often and wish i could return for a day to everything as it was...with everyone alive...and how I have been compiling memories on a special page on Cloudpad...and about to link...going through the notes again...about the floors of the house..and the playroom with door to the garden...and how mita used to try to teach me not to be afraid of spiders...and would tell me they were good luck and if we saw one (usually a jumping spider is what I remember), she would secretly drop a dime or similar so I would find it.and say ' See??? GOod luck!!"...and so right then on my laptop there appears a jumping spider...crawling up the side. um. in 'real life' mind you. wha?

so I get the glass and postcard to relocate it outside...all the while thinking of mita...and I put it out front and it just sits there looking up at me.(!) and I'm like, Mita? And it looks at me and brushes its face/mouth...??
I'm freaked a little..go inside to tell Brent who is napping. The day has turned grey and dreamlike.

I go back to finish writing and send the message to Margie asking if she has any photos/other memories with a link to the cloudpad, and I decide to work on the cloudpad memorypalace of Mita's house some more...remembering other things....like the tv show song i can hear in my head...something like Viva Alegre!LalalalaLalalalaLalalalaLa.....and so I try googling it and come up with it on youtube and myspace...it's called Villa Alegre.and I can listen to it and look at pics. I don't remember any visuals but the song is so clear. And I put a link to the photo I have of Mita and papa in the kitchen...and I think of the other photos that I will have to scan.
mita & papa in the kitchen

and then the strange squeaking mysterybird/animal thing we've been hearing every once in a while starts up...sounding again like it is just outside the window. Brent comes over trying to see if we can see it outside...but we can't and it doesn't sound so loud out the front door as we expected...so where then is it coming from?? the attic?? so we go to check the attic...cannot really see anything...but as we leave it I ask for the box of my journals...because I had wanted to find my pink notebook where I list my 10%s...and he gives me a box.
Back in the kitchen I start looking through this box and it is the 'wrong box', instead of the journals and notebook I find a little wooden box inside with old jewelry in it. my magic blue necklace and other bead necklaces... one of them that I remember wearing so often but can't remember where I got it....well, now I realize that the strange seed that is on it is a rudashka seed (!?) I never knew what it was. hmmmm (see recent journal entry w/package from india)
then a box of photographs...I go to put the photo that is lying precariously on top away (of 5x5inch pieces on a wall) and split the photos like a deck of cards...and what opens is the picture of me at Ortiz's piragua stand...back at Mita's house(!)... I take the box and sit down to look through a bunch of other photos that are in that set of that place and old photos of mita, papa and mom too.
Brent agrees something strange seems to be going on.
Mita? are you here? trying to tell me something?
I am remembering the time that I daydreamed so clearly that I felt I went to Mita's house...and that this was there waiting in a parallel reality. still . and that when I 'returned', THIS was the reality that seems strange and unbelievable...because I was still a little girl in my mind...
I love you Mita.

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