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Last days to view the 4person show up at Praxis Chelsea!:
praxis do you see the picture
I have recent small and medium works from my Prayers and Weaves series on view. Please go by to see/touch them in person. So many wishes and intentions for our evolving world.:)
Praxis Chelsea
451 West 25th St. between 10th and 11th Ave, NYC
Hours 10-6 Tues-Sat through Oct 25th
More about the show on Artsy.com : https://artsy.net/post/editorial-praxis-asks-do-you-see-the-picture
Out of area collectors may view a selection on 1st Dibs: https://www.1stdibs.com/creators/darlene-charneco-united-states/art/
As usual 10% of my income from sales of artworks is donated to support the important work of this wishlist of global charities: http://avad.livejournal.com/272942.html Thank you so much for helping make these positive ripples grow. -Darlene
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Notes from the month....journal snippets and memories....

initial install @Tribeca w/Beth, Perry, Tapp, Jeff, Matt, etc

work on Prayers Long (2pieces)...painting and 'lighting'...coloring the nails each day....

install Prayers Long (through darkness and rising)with Brent @ night Tribeca
drink and apps at Sazon Puerto Rican Cuisine- delish!- chewing on sugarcane in drink (Mojito Sazon)quesadillas de ropa vieja, and brent's delicious soup with pieces of pasteles-tasting...ahhh my senses and memories ignited. love feeling, music, decor. hot pink, orange, black.read more )
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ok finally! here are some pics (I couldn't think to take any at the opening- wish I had but I was way too overwhelmed and talking to everyone- so we went back to get some installation shots a few days later). Here's the accompanying text:

December 10 - Jan 27, 2007
Darlene Charneco: Gameland
Reception: Thursday Dec 14, 6-8pm

Morgan Lehman is pleased to present Gameland, an exhibition of new mixed media works by Darlene Charneco.

Through the images in Gameland, Charneco continues to explore the meeting points of real life and virtual life, concepts mined in earlier exhibitions with Morgan Lehman Gallery, Everywhere and Cyburbia. In this exhibition, Charneco investigates social networks and the gradual reorganization of information on the web into shareable and intuitively navigable 3D spaces. She is inspired by the blurring boundaries between dream and waking activities, the implications of our rapidly increasing interconnectivity and the evolution of an accessible collective memory.

Ms. Charneco's work draws on a number of sources, including network theory, geographic information systems, video games, virtual worlds, childhood toys and educational tools. It is informed by her research and participation in online communities such as Myspace, LiveJournal and Flickr and an experimental community project called BetterWorldIsland within the 3D virtual world of SecondLife.

Ms. Charneco uses household nails, acrylic, enamel, glitter, model houses and trees, and multiple layers of resin to create 3-dimensional artworks which represent various aspects of these visualizations.

"From an aerial view, it is hard to ignore the similarities of our cities and roads to the internal structures of large and complex organism. One might consider the Web as a growing nervous system, full of sensors, gathering and sending information to and fro."

"What is our role within this organism?"

see more )

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Please save the date of Thursday Dec.14th 6-8 pm
to come to the opening of my GAMELAND solo show in Chelsea if it's at all possible for ya!

I've been working hard on a big body of work dealing with networks and virtual worlds and this big bizarre cosmic game and would love for you all to come see! Please spread the word.

It will be at Morgan Lehman Gallery
317 10th Ave (between 28th & 29th)
a few pics here: morganlehmangallery.com

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