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10%Club selection (close to funded...jotting notes here so I can revisit when it is off PCP website)
Peace Corps Volunteer Project #14-538-002
Volunteer Coordinator: Jones C. of AZ
Community Contribution:$1063.12 (53% of total budget)
Original Request:$906.36
Funds Still Needed: $240
The Local Library project is being conducted for the sole purpose of uplifting and providing a modern space for the creative youth to learn in the community. We seek to do this, by bringing the youth and community together in a contributive effort to remodel the local library. Fifteen volunteers will participate in the remodel and painting of the library itself. We want to encourage the youth to design artwork and paint the space, in order to create a welcoming and safe space for the others to learn. The plan also calls for a new computer for the library, which will be a great new resource for the community to take advantage of. This project will bring a resource of knowledge and ideas into the Kalinago Territory and help encourage the youth. Most importantly, the remodel will raise awareness and address issues surrounding youth and poor literacy rates in the area. Among the various communities in the Territory, this village has an alarming number of youth who struggle with reading and writing skills. This remodel will create and provide a new environment and energy towards improving young people¿s minds. Members of the community will contribute their time and knowledge to assist the youth in training on how to use the library and the computer. After the completion of the remodel, we expect an increase of inspired youth and community members. The remodel will tackle problems with literacy in this area and in turn will reenergize education as a whole in the community.
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Entanglement (detail)
'Entanglement' (detail)

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect with our fellow men; and among those fibres, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects." Herman Melville

As part of a vow that is at the heart of my art and life....since 2002...I try to channel 10% of what comes to me back out into the world to nurture positive projects that move me and end uneccessary suffering. Microphilanthropy. Not huge amounts...but small amounts that make a difference in the big picture..given with love and hope...as often as possible.

As the year comes to a close I look back and take stock of all I'm grateful for...I am perhaps almost always most grateful that I was able to do a little something to help support and sustain these wonderful organizations and initiatives that are doing work we need done in the world. It feels really...REALLY good. I hope that 2011 allows me to channel more and more...as there are so many other ones I am looking forward to being able to help in any small (or LARGE!) way..as well as more donations for those I am already connected to.

So here is to the ones of 2010 - follow links to find out more and please join me in supporting any and all of them if you can- may they have all they need onward into the future: see list )
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making archive of projects donated to/supported over the years with 10% donations.
2002 and 2003 was mostly through the wonderful searchable volunteer projects in the Peace Corps Partnership Program:

American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund (through Amazon.com) (2x)
Habitat for Humanity Tsunami Response (2x)
Bridges Across Borders: Cambodia Center for Children
Mercy Corps for Crisis in Sudan- Camp Zalingei
PCPP Swaziland: Phaphamani Womens Association Sewing Coop (letter says directed towards Global Fund- I wrote requesting Pucara Library Bolivia instead- we'll see? #511-051
Bridges Across Borders: Bogota Library Appeal
Amoration: New Studios Project
Sue Braiden 'Fridge Magnet': Buy a Fishing Boat for Tsunami Devastated Village
Bridges Across Borders: for Center for Children's Happiness
PCPP Barda School REconstruction 314-003
Cross Cultural Solutions- sponsor Volunteer Sara Thi to Costa Rica
PCPP Honduras: Womens Bread and Sewing Microbusiness 522-211
Friends of the World Food Program -Niger Crisis Appeal
Peace Tiles Microgrants Omidyar.net Dropcash Lars Hasselblad Torres

PCPP Niger: Construction of a One Room Schoolhouse 683-078
Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund through WAFIN.com
PCPP Sheouba School Construction (3x again in March, April and June)
PCPP Togo- Djabagbal Primary School REconstruction
Bridges Across Borders
PCPP Micronesia Smallscale Clothing Production
AIDS Walk San Francisco for Gloria Wilson ref ID:7742698
PCPP Guinea: Sougueta Library Project
Heifer.org (share of knitting basket)
World Library Partnership Book Certificate Fund
PCPP Uganda School REnovations #617-011
OSU Children's Library Fund (Through WLP)
PCPP Guinea: Community Library
PCPP Togo: Babade Community LIbrary and REc Center 693-232
PCPP Guinea: Mambiya Community Library 675-105
PCPP Macedonia: Library Book Project- Zrnovci 249-007
Doctors Without Borders- for Sudan Crisis
PCPP Ukraine: School Insulation Project

PCPP Moldova: Sabo Computer Lab, Odyssey of the Mind Competition
PCPP 683-071 Niger: Takoro Primary School Construction (2x)
PCPP Mongolia: Artisan Cooperative
PCPP 511-040 Toco: Establishment of Public Library
PCPP 688-112 Barila Elementary School Construction
Blogathon- sponsorship of Shadesong for RAINN
Aidswalk San Francisco- sponsoring Trevor's parents
Selima Raoui's Berber Documentary Project
Morocco: INSAF
PCPP Haiti: Primary School Construction Eben-Ezer Des perches
Darrell WIlson AIDS Walk San Francisco
Shadesong RAAIN Blogathon
PCPP Mali- Bamako Waste Management Improvement
PCPP Paraguay Brick Ovens--- REdirected to Sheouba School Construction
World Libraries.org Book Certificate Fund

PCPP Vava'u Tonga: Tu'anuku Primary School Photocopy machine
PCPP Khorol, Russia Far East:Construction of Secondary School
PCPP Guerin-Kouka, Togo: Library Construction (2x)
PCPP Togo: WID Scholarships
PCPP Managua, Nicaragu: Dipilto Library Book Project
PCPP Chaibon, Niger: Zongo Mazague School Construction
PCPP Choloon Horoot, Mongolia: Computer Literacy
PCPP Nicaragua: El Ralejo Municipal: Library Renovations (2x)
PCPP Honduras: Construction of a School Library
PCPP Mali: Sitafoula School Construction (2x)

Donations List 2016
Donations List 2015
Donations List 2014
Donations List 2013
Donations List 2011
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003,2004,2005
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Have been searching through projects to decide where to send my 10% donations this month and I've decided to focus on 3 potable water projects through the Peace Corps for this round.

All share the same simple and sustainable system...collection of rainwater..

1. Tanzania: Rainwater Harvesting System for school.
The project will utilize two highly visible school building situated on the main road in the center of the village. The buildings’ existing sheet metal roofing provides the main water catchment area. Local craftspeople will install gutters and piping for guiding the rainwater to an underground tank built from mostly local natural resources. The high profile system for retrieving clean water will also act as a motivating catalyst by displaying a practical method easily applicable to private homes.

2. Tanzania: Rain Catchment Tank for community garden
The main objective of this project is to construct a rain catchment tank that will support an existing Tumaini Njema community garden. This tank will collect run-off rain water to use in the dry season (September through March) so that the garden may be fruitful throughout the year. The fruits and vegetables grown will be sold at local markets to raise money to buy simple school supplies (i.e. notebooks, pens and pencils) for the orphans at Kokirie Primary School. Furthermore, some of the produce will be donated directly to the school in order to help provide nutritious meals for the children.

3. Suriname: Durotank Water and Sanitation for 110 Homes
Ben Ati Mofu, Abadu Kondre, and Akale Kondre are three Maroon villages located in close proximity along the Cottica River in North Eastern Suriname, South America. These descendents of runaway African slaves do not have access to clean drinking water. The most feasible solution to the communities, based on cost and access, is for each home to have a 400 gallon dirotank, a large thick plastic barrel, which collects rain drained from corrugated tin roofs. Dirotanks would ensure that health hazardous polluted river water, far away from many homes, would no longer be the main source for drinking and other daily uses. The change in quality of life would be enormous. The project was initiated by villagers, who have agreed to provide for nearly all associated supplies for the project, such as nets, faucets, cement, sand, labor, and transport. They are asking for $14,320, seventy percent of the costs, in order for one hundred-ten homes to have absolute control of their water.

Help contribute to these or other volunteer projects in need of funding
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bookmark for more John Nash Cooperative Game Theory notes
The Mathematics of Strategy
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On Wednesday Brent and I participated in the Uplift Academy Conference/Workshop NYC. This was a follow-up to that larger conference I attended in Boston last year with the theme of Networked Theory of a Better World.We were excited to meet and discuss some of our ideas/projects-in-progress (10%Club, CDV) with a group of like-minded inspiring folks. The theme for this workshop was 'New Media for Infectious Good'.

Just a few pics and links-
Tobey Gordon Dichter, founder and CEO of Generations On Line speaks, Brent Timbol foreground:

Tom Munnecke and Nipun Mehta (founder of Charity Focus, a fully volunteer-run organization that has delivered millions of dollars of web-related services to the nonprofit world for free).
upliftnyctomnipun (Coincidentally, I had been reading Nipun's blog last year or his travels through India!)

Silas Haggerty presents the intro to his documentary film in progress: Lusaka Sunrise

Uplift Academy workshop/conferenceAnnette Kramer, Christine Millen, Ethan Zohn , Karen Hembrough, Dean Landsman.

Short Who's Who blurbs (with pics+links) can be read HERE- do take a minute to browse this group of inspiring people I met! also more and better pics taken by Tom here.
Trying to think of how to get a contest of some sort rolling for a 10%Club animation/video....any ideas?

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