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Thank you 2016!.
As part of a vow and dreamvision that is at the basis of my art and life, I am so grateful to have been able to pulse out a record number (for me) of 10%s to special causes and intitiatives in 2016! I believe in the accumulating power of all our small positive actions...and so while I'm here on this planet, no matter what, and in whatever small way, I vow to be part of a nourishing rain on as many beautiful endeavors as possible to help them grow. <3 Let there be thousands of us, reaching out to millions- wherever needed
Please take a look and join me in crowdfunding any of these that move you if you can! And with Determination, the 2017 Wishlist is now underway!

UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for Syria Crisis
Simple As Socks (Victoria Booth project for NYC homeless)(packages of socks sent 2x)
Mercy Corps for Syrian Refugees
East End Cares Direct Relief Project for refugees in Greece
Beauty for Ashes Project-Nicaragua
Laura Rozenberg's IndieGoGo for OrigamiHouse Museum in Uruguay
Fabretto/NICA Hope (again) -Nicaragua
Camino Nuevo -Nicaragua
Manna Project International (Nicaragua and Ecuador)
Vive Boriken Puerto Rico skatepark mural project with Arte o Muerte
Local Stephen Talkhouse fundraiser for Ecuador
Vive Boriken Mural Project Puerto Rico
GoFundMe Fundraiser for Cherylann Hawk support and recovery
SWALE floating foodforest Kickstarter by Mary Mattingly
Artist as Culture Producer Book Tour By Sharon Louden
Shinnecock Youth Council GoFundMe Campaign
OLA of Eastern Long Island
Vive Boriken No ashes in Panuelas campaign Puerto Rico
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again) raffle donation +
South Fork Natural History Museum
GoFundMe campaign for Richard Makepeace
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center
Made by Survivors Raise the Roof Campaign (again) (Crowdrise campaign this time for third floor)
GlobalGiving: Centro COMParte: training, jobs & peace in Bogota
GoFundMe Fundraiser for Cherylann Hawk support and recovery again
Audubon Society
Malala Fund for girls education worldwide in honor of Malala's Birthday (July12)
Radios:A Lifeline to Safety for Nicaraguan Women through MADRE
GoFundMe campaign: Airfare to China for scholarship/Chris Bullock
Islip Arts Museum's New York Contemporary Arts Symposium for Chilean Artist Residencies support
GoFundMe Help the Boys and Girls Club of Standing Rock (2x)
Sankalpa Art Journeys again
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Center- Help Save Our Deer
Not For Sale Campaign
The Retreat Domestic Violence Services
Fundraiser to help Stephanie Cerezo with her beloved Pearl's paralysis treatments
Corinne Morgan's Running fundraiser for St.Jude's Children's Hospital
Rapha House Safe houses and recovery for victims of human trafficking
The Nature Conservancy
Wikipedia Foundation
Ocean Conservancy
Sierra Club
Trees Water People for Help after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
MercyCorps (again) (Syria, Sudan, Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, etc)
Buddha's Smile School through Amistad International (again)
GoFundMe for M.Yamilka's trip with supplies to StandingRock
Build Change Hurricane Matthew Relief through Global Giving
Barefoot College (again)
Mata Traders Dressember fundraiser for the A21 Campaign and International Justice Mission to end human trafficking
WSHU.org Public Radio NPR and Classical
Girls Garage Scholarships (and a big thank you to those who joined me in donating to Girls Garage for my birthday wish this year!:)

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