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Childhood birthday party: friends around the diningroom table of 22 Babcock..birthday cakes usually ice cream cakes..white with blue cursive gel writing... Music Joan Jett and Love is a Battlefield song...

Crafts...Seemed I always wanted to do some sort of craft with friends during my childhood birthday parties...and Dad helped me make prototypes and get materials...one year it was a seagull on wood posts thing with twine...another i remember only these twisty green wire with fake berries on it...not sure what it was part of?

Selling crafts...one year I became a bit obsessed with a small lavendar pompom ring with googly eyes and I decided I wanted to make these and other things (painted rocks perhaps?) and I would walk door to door in the neighborhood to try to sell some from a shoebox.

Babysitter: she sold Avon as well and I adored the catalogs. She had a few little tiny lipstick testers/samples and I asked how much these were and she said a penny each (I think just so I knew she would 'sell' me one. But thus launched my secret plan with determination: I would collect a piggybank Full (my bank was a yellow printed cardboard cylinder with plastic top) of pennies and buy hundreds and hundreds of lipstick samples and open my own store! When i had completed my savings mission I approached her and she broke my heart saying she only had a few of these..not hundreds.

I made my own peel-off nailpolish (a burnt orange-ish color) by mixing questionable ingredients found around the house. Kept in top small drawer to right of my desk. Also in that drawer was my soft beaded change-purse and my grey compact Invaders of the Mummy's tomb pocket game. Possibly also Rubiks Cubes of various shapes. The mini cube was my/our favorite and often came in my pocket on trips....but there was also a snake shape and an octagonal/cylindrical one..

had a collapsible cup full of colorful 'magic' fuzzy worms
Madlibs cracked me UP.

Loved word search puzzles. And invisible ink. and really Big coloring books. My lilac plastic cassette and radio boombox with the multicolored fabric strap (possibly handed down from my sister...but it became/was ALL MINE). Sniglets word-a-day peel off calendar. Big white Pachinko game. Pinball machine that was about 12"x 18"...why can't I remember the graphics- but we played it So much...lying on our stomachs on the variegated pink rug of my sister's room with her mirrored closet doors.

Coveted my sister's rainbow stretchy strap high(ish) wedge sandals with tan soft suede insole.

ChiChi bird- a babybird we found that we tried to 'rescue'. I was so excited to see it in the morning..and ran downstairs .and it was dead. I was devastated.

Hermit crabs from Puerto Rico smuggled over back to ny on the plane in an ice cream/sherbert plastic tub..(I'm sure I cried and begged). Not surprisingly, they died shortly after. :(! Harsh lesson learned.

Street badminton (outdoor game of choice). orange skateboard. jumping over the sprinklers in summer. chasing grasshoppers. overturning large stones or bricks to see what insects or worms might be underneath. Collecting acorns and making sand seasoned 'acorn mash' which would be 'served' in a frisbee plate. My 'pretend kitchen and house' was a little clearing in a small patch of woods next to house....someone had dumped a medium mound of cement..and I stored collected acorns,herbs,leaves and other findings in its nooks. there was a long log 'couch' and we would ask my father or the neighbor if we could have the grass clipping after they mowed lawn ..and then we sprinkled these all over the clearing for the softest 'carpet' for bare feet.

Date: 2015-10-03 01:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] noralita.livejournal.com
These are wonderful. Even that sadly surprising ones. I know you are a memoirist, but I didn't know how you wrote it as opposed to arted it! I'm amazed at how your memories evoke some of the same ones for me, or analogous (blue gel writing icing! Admiring sophisticated babysitters! Saving pennies! Mysterious drawers and arranging things just so! Piggy banks [one of mine- a giant Tootsie Roll tube that was surely intended as such after the contents were as preciously devoured]). This must be what your students respond to when you teach.


Date: 2015-10-04 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] avad.livejournal.com
heya! :) Just jotting notes... will add to this over time most likely- I just added a few more. I have a couple of similar lists...and do like to put them into or retrieve them from walking around memorypalaces of my childhood home and grandmother's house. Used to be able to embed them into certain of my artworks on Flickr ('notes' feature) and then they removed that feature/capability- which was hugely disappointing/upsetting!.
Love that you have the similar memories...this is something I'm interested in spacially...as layers and overlaps...a certain blurring of identity...
Brent and I often joke to eachother to 'Get your own memories!!' when one of us relays a story from childhood that is just eerily similar to the other's own private experience...some treasured but seemingly obscure toy and our special connection to it..or something we did...heck...at around 10 years old we actually looked like the same person!. I'll have to upload some photos to prove it.
Speaking of...now I'm wondering if my bank was actually the Tootsie roll bank and we had put a yellow print paper around it!!! Because I remember the Tootsie roll??? Seee? it's haaaappenninnnnggg...the blurrrrrrrinnnng...

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