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Dear 2015... Here we GO!
As part of a vow and dreamvision that is at the basis of my art and life, I am so grateful to have been able to pulse out so many 10%s to special causes and intitiatives in 2014...and I'm Determined to pump it up megafold in 2015!!. I believe in the accumulating power of all our small positive actions...and so while I'm here, no matter what, and in whatever small way, I vow to be part of a nourishing rain on as many beautiful endeavors as possible to help them grow. <3 Let there be thousands of us, reaching out to millions- wherever needed.
Continuing from where I left off...and with the new energy boost of 2015...Here are my jottings for the 10% 2015 'Wishlist':
(where I want to donate something from my next art sales)...followed by a continually updated list of donations so far this year! I've made most of them hotlinks so please do learn more about each...and if any of these causes touch your heart, please Join me and others to help crowdfund and continue to nourish them! "We are the ones we've been waiting for." <3

Sister to Sister Sewing Cooperative in Congo on StartSomeGood

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (Annabel)
Southampton Trails Preservation Society
Humanitarian Aid for Gaza through United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)
Greenpeace International
PeaceCorps Partnership Project #14-631-010: GHANA: Basic School Renovations Project (again)
Afghan Institute of Learning :Womens Education Fund through GlobalGiving
Sadhana Forest initiative in Kenya
Center for Biological Diversity Pollinators Protection Fund
Humane LongIsland/ LION LongIsland Orchestrating for Nature
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue membership donation renewal July or general donations for food/care
Nepal Youth Foundation Freedom Loan Fund for Rescued Kamlaris (again to NYOF)
Quogue Wildlife Refuge family membership donation
Save Sag Harbor
Friends of Cambodia: Youth services (again)

2015 Donations Completed:
Wild Bird Fund in honor of Victoria Booth's birthday
Sue Braiden's IndieGogo campaign for Adventure Lab/Rock Paper Estrogen project
Serene Celia's Crowdrise page for Buddha's Smile School India Girl's Dormitory Fundraiser/Shadhika
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again, + again for Pattye's Birthday)
PeaceCorps Project Community Library Development- Tanzania
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue donations for food/care
Barefoot College India: Rural Women Solar Engineers
ABA Autism Therapies for Brenna through GoFundMe
Project InReach: Community Development in Puerto Mallarino Colombia/GoFundMe/Mercedes Yamilka
Local Public Radio WPPB/88.3/NPR
The Artblog ASR - Artist and Social Responsibility program/IndieGoGo
Center for Biological Diversity
Rana Clothing ethical fashion startup campaign on Pozible
Sankalpa Art Journeys- Art Therapy India (again)
OXFAM's Emergency response for Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam
CARE International for Cyclone Pam recovery in Vanuatu
CARE International for Nepal Earthquake Recovery
GlobalGiving Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
MercyCorps Nepal Earthquake Fund
Amistad International for Buddha's Smile School Varanasi India (again)
Julia's Army GoFundMe campaign
Books for new Shinnecock Nation Preschool
Nepal Youth Foundation's Earthquake Disaster Relief Program
Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Recovery and Temporary Learning Spaces
Build Change: Rebuild Nepal for Long-Term Safety
Victoria's Project Carroll shelters for feral cats
Sammy's Place fundraiser through Crowdrise (Lynda Chick's dream of an intentional community and respite retreat for people with special needs and those who share their journey)
Dennis Borrusso Walk for Hydrocephalus Research
Catalytic Communities/Rio on Watch IndieGoGo Campaign
Kickstarter campaign for What is Love documentary

Donations List 2016
Donations List 2015
Donations List 2014
Donations List 2013
Donations List 2012
Donations List 2011
Donations List 2010
Donations List 2006,2007
Donations List 2002,2003,2004,2005
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