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As part of a vision and a vow that is at the heart of my art and life (the 10%Club)....since 2002...I try to continuously channel 10% of what comes to me back out into the world to nurture positive projects that move me and help others. Microphilanthropy. Not huge amounts...but small amounts that make a difference in the big picture..given with love and hope...as often and widely as possible.
2014 turned out to be my best year so far in being able to send out to so many of my favorites and lots of new ones too. Here is the list of organizations and initiatives I was able to pulse out a bit of nourishment to in 2014:

2014 Donations (thank you So much to those who helped make these ripples possible!):
Sobornost for the World 2x (again)
Sankalpa Art Journeys (again)for art therapy programs in India
Peace Corps Partnership Project Books or Bust: Local Community Library- SENEGAL
Sierra Club
local songwriter Mark Bruey's Kickstarter Fundraiser for music production
The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation/Monarch Butterfly Fund in honor of Phil Haffner
Footprints College Buddy program for childrens hospital on StartSome Good
Project Nuevo Mundo Guatemala (solar oven, dye garden, classrooms) http://projectnuevomundo.wordpress.com/donate-to-us/
Emergency food/rice for Mae Sot Dump Community families during fires in Thailand (through C.Jordan/Evolutionize)
Thanda After-School Program South Africa
The Fistula Foundation: Help Give a Woman a New Life (again)
'Let Them Know They Are Loved' fundraiser campaign for Stephanie Cerezo's volunteer service trip to El Salvador
Bal Ashram and Eco-Park India http://www.sonomaashram.org/india-service-projects-bal-ashram.php
Healing Hands of Joy Safe Motherhood Ambassadors Program http://www.healinghandsofjoy.com/ (again)
MercyCorps for Syria (again)
Peace Corps Partnership Project SIERRA LEONE: Secondary School and Community Library
Amistad for Buddha's Smile School (again)
Clean Water For 2000 School Children in India (through Sobornost for the World)
Fabretto for NICA Hope project in Nicaragua (again)
World Wildlife Fund
Ileana's Smile Kickstarter project by Love, Light and Melody
NRDC Save BioGems Monarch Butterfly Campaign
OLA of Eastern LongIsland Fundraiser for Un Techo para Chile http://www.techo.org/chile/
Yamilka Mena with Stony Brook Public Health Brigade Panama http://www.empowered.org/ymena (personal towards supplies)
Creating an Arts Complex for Chittagong Campaign on StartSomeGood
Life in Africa Family Transition Center Land in Northern Uganda (again)
Mi Sangre:Train 2500 colombian children in peace building through Global Giving (again)
Jane Goodall: Lights On Tchimpounga: New Solar Array for Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in Congo
Peace Corps Partnership Project Kalinago Territory EASTERN CARIBBEAN Local Library Remodel project#14-538-002
Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center (again)
Competition for Good: Clean Water filters for Brazil/in collaboration with Waves for Water,Institute Project Neymar Jr and Paypal
CARE for Syria crisis
Ken Wheaton Team for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Peace Corps Partnership Project #14-675-011: GUINEA: Building Restoration Project - Community Library (project cancelled, funds reallocated to: PeaceCorps Partnership Project #14-631-010: GHANA: Basic School Renovations Project) which was ALSO cancelled(!) funds then reallocated yet again in 2015 to Zambia Community Library Project with volunteer Leis, K.from Oregon
Peace Corps Partnership Project #14-663-022 ETHIOPIA: A Seed For Reading
KIVA loan to Jetrida in Uganda to buy thread for making sweaters
Sankalpa's IndieGogo Campaign for Building a Safe Space for Art Therapy in India
VitalEdgeAid.org for Midwife Training and Support Program in Mali
Starlight family orphanage in Uganda in honor of Sixtina's Birthday
Crowdrise PurplePurse Fundraising Challenge for The Retreat Domestic Violence Services
Save the Children: Ebola Response efforts
Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
Kickstarter:Free For All: Inside the Public Library Documentary
Defenders of Wildlife
Doctors Without Borders (again)
Charity:Water systems in Africa
Catalytic Communities
GrowGames IndieGoGo Campaign for Seeds the Game
INSTITUTE OF PLAY's Fundraiser on Crowdrise:
Make Learning Irresistible

Wikipedia.org microdonation
Lindsay Shulock's ride for Young Adults with Cancer 4K
Doctors Without Borders (again)
Sobornost for the World Foundation (again)
Rainforest Flow Water programs in Peru

Thank you so much to my awesome friends and family that pitched in to collectively donate $623 for my 2014 Birthday Wish for clean water projects in Africa through Charity:Water !! LOVE and more LOVE to you. :) Anyone who would like to join us to support the cause past the deadline PLEASE DO...you can always make a donation at Charity:Water systems in Africa . Drop me a quick line if you do..as it is always a huge thrill to feel a part of that. <3
And of course please also see this post as a warm and hopeful invitation to donate any little bit to ANY of these causes (or let me know about a cause dear to your own heart that you'd like me or others to consider for 2015 or beyond). Thank you Thank you.

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